1998-2003 sample exams

Are these any good to practice for June 2009? Which are the areas likely to be out-dated?

i’d shy away from those. probably stay within last few yrs

i have them. they seem ok for everything, though wouldn’t do ethics. i’m using more for a study tool for everything except ethics and perhaps FRA

ethics- makes sense not to touch. but what about FRA? Apart from US GAAP and IFRS, others are pretty much the same- isn’t it?

i’d say if its way off, absolutely clueless… move on. but for everything else bar ethics, i think it should be fine. anyways, these got 4 options, make you think more. when you go through them though, by memory, there’s only 4 exams. for a couple of the years, they’re repeats. not same order, but same questions. just check (ctrl F) a few q’s and see. i think 1998 is good (2) and 2 other years. appreciate if someone can confirm that.

I was wondering where I could find mock exams, I took the CFA one but there is no more time to buy a schweser for example, since Im in Brazil…Is there any mock exam I could buy online? I haven’t found anything on schweser or stalla…

Nicob, I can confirm to you that the only useful one is the 2003 sample–all others from 1998 to 2002 are SAME as 2003–bar a couple of questions here and there and that too just jugglery.

really?? bummer. oh well. go through them well. i’ve posted a comment below which is on analyst forum in the L3 section somewhere (google it), but i’ve seen similar comments elsewhere. "I think in general Schweser is very good at presenting 90% of the material but every time I have taken an exam, there has been questions at each level straight from the CFAI texts. If I had to do it again, I would do all mock and sample exams from CFAI (without a doubt, and I did them this past year), get your hands on all previous yearsʻ exam questions from the CFAI website or other candidates/charterholders, and then do questions out of the CFAI texts marked as previous yearʻs exams. " that i think is some nice advice.

Thanks for that- is there any way we can identify (in the CFA texts) that a question has really come in the actual exam in the past? some kind of symbol etc??

yep. go to the answers in the back and on the first page of every solution section, down the bottom it’s say something like - solutions 1-9 taken from so and so book. All other solutions copyright of CFA institute. pretty much, any of the multiple choice Q are CFA. that means all the FRA questions from memory are past CFA questions etc etc.

Thanks nicob- I would never have been able to discover that! By the way, we see that both in the CFA sample and mocks, the answers have references to both CFA texts and Schweser. Why does the CFA need to refer to Schweser materials? Is it acknowledging the fact that many prefer Schweser to their texts?

i had a look at the mocks because i didn’t know that. i couldn’t see where…do you mean these (Study Session 4-13-a)??? apart from those i couldn’t see where; and these aren’t schweser per say. If so though, i’d say they recognise that many people use schweser however It would be unfair for them to choose say Schweser over Stalla etc. at the end of the day, the CFAI text is the best knowledge base, though way too much work for 6 months.

Yes, I meant those- (Study Session 4-13-a). There is reference to the CFA text as well. Just wondering, why should they refer to Schweser?

i guess they think schweser does a better job of explaining it :slight_smile: i imagine because of what’s been said above about alot of people using it.

guys were can i find these past sample questions…can some1 post the link…or email it to singhginnie@hotmail.com i really need to see these papers…gettin the pre exam jitters…