Can you please stop answering a question being asked in real earnest - with one of your own?

If you cannot answer the question - please stop. Right now is not the time to open up a document and see a post which is asking another question. you have passed the exam already - but are still here - so please help by answering the question and providing meaningful direction. Please - at this point in time - with about 40 odd days left for the exam - stop doing what you are doing presently.


I have often been frustated/confused from the replies of 1BigStudMuffin on my questions.


It’s kind of sad and funny at the same time.

STFU man, cpk has contributed far more to this forum than you have. The questions that people ask are generally more difficult than average, and helping people is also helping yourself learn it better. He’s done that, and helped a lot of candidates.

Bad form 1BigStudMuffin!! Your comments to CPK lack integrity and is unbecoming of a CFA candidate, soon to be Charteholder.

Quit trolling.

Hey studmuffin, cpk has been nothing but helpful. You’re quite out of line.

Should report this guy to CFAI Professional Conduct program for violation of Standard I (D) for being the most annoying and disturbing person on AF, in particularly preventing current CFA candidates from effectively studying their curriculum and, ultimately, from enhancing their investment skills and/or better serving their clients and employers… :smiley:

haha very clever!

hahahaa… good one