1st Dec starts early in some parts of the world

How would this site prevent exam cheats if people were to post comments after the had taken the exam?

The site shuts down for a few days (or maybe a day) on both sides of the exam.

If you call some one in Japan, that would give you about 8-10 hours to prepare for the questions asked :slight_smile: I am not sure if they give the same exam though.

Japan exam in on Sunday morning, which is Saturday night NY time.

yeh im in australia, and our exam is sunday morning aswell…

Here in New Zealand, on Sunday morning as well.

hey yick, whats it like in NZ? many candidates over there? is there alot of industry support for CFA?

This has been known for a long time…why even waste time thinking about cheating?

guys we’re going for 240 questions… so where is the point in cheating? do you really think this will work? even if know 5 questions for sure, there are 235 left… just a thought…

Kuala Lumpur one hour after Japan.

Why anybody would want to cheat on this thing is beyond me. What’s the point of overcoming a difficult test if you didn’t really do it yourself?

Everyone knows this time difference thing…even CFAI. Haven’t you seen the ethics questions where the guy from asia calls his buddy and tells him the questions?

ur violating SoP VIIA

So when will the site shut down…hoping to wish all of you good luck before it does. without being funny, what exactly are the must haves when you get to the center. i know my Passport is ready and calculator, what else? yes Ticket… going to buy HP pencil. Don’t know about lunch yet, am not driving to center. I also have a warm jacket…of course my brain, whats left of it. Anything else?

I’m gonna take earplugs…

webtwister1 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > going to buy HP pencil. They make pencils as well as calculators, computers and printers? Do they have any advantages over the HB pencils I bought from the supermarket? Are they really cheap to buy, but then when you start to use them, you realise that the lead is more expensive than the pencil and the running costs are huge?

hmmmm with the TI calculators… is it easy to tell if its running out of battery? not sure if i should bring spare battery or not… but hey, i like to test fate… they should’ve made them solar i reckon

If you’re thinking of replacing your battery, you will only increase the gadgets youre coming into the hall with…am sure you’ll need screw drivers for the swap…changin of batteries.

Have anyone practiced battery changing yet? is it easy to do? Where can we get a small screw driver for this?

Achogogo, are you Malaysian? prakasa@tulsaconnect.com