1st Round Accomplished

Well, I have just finished my 1st round for reading all the Schweser Materials and have already answered some Q bank and all of end of chapters Question at CFAI The 2nd round of reviewing will be starting tomorrow; I hope that I didn’t forget a lot of what I have already studied before, Any way I feel that I lag behind a lot of other candidates here in this forum, Just post who has already finished round One, and who is still on track???

me too. just completd partial CFAI end of chapter questions for Ethics.

I’ll be done tonight… just gotta do SS2, which seems pretty quick. I finished the first part of Ethics last night (saved ethics for last). It wasn’t bad until I got to the Soft Dollar stuff… what an insanely dry and painful read that was. It was just like legalese… no wonder lawyers get paid so much… if I had to read and write crap like that all day you’d soon find me hanging from a rafter in the basement

well, I’ll be done in a week or so reading all CFAI books first time.

I should finish my first round of reading plus CFAI end of chapter questions tonight, so I think their are plenty of us that are in the same boat. Completely agree about the Soft Dollar reading…horrible.

I plan to finish the first round readling by the end of this month…

Hey Steph, how’s it going? I finished all the material last week, now I’m going back and doing all the CFAI questions. Some I’ve already done and I’m gonna do them again to review and the others I haven’t touched. So far I read PM/Derviatives over again (for a second time) and did the CFAI questions and I’m working on FSA right now. Should be done with reading the material a second time (very quickly) and the CFAI questions by next week. Then I’ll start the practice tests and any questions I can get my hands on. CRUNCH TIME Boys & Girls, lets do this

Wow steph, you’re in good shape. I’m still working on end of chapter questions and haven’t finished PM yet. Want to switch places?