2 1/2 Months Enough Time for L1 in Dec?

Hi All, I’m starting to study for the L1 in December. I realize I’m working on a really short, somewhat unrealistic timeline. Does anyone have any general study advice/areas I should focus on first/tips for types of studying. When should I start taking practice exams? As soon as possible, or not until after I get through all of the Schweser books? Any advice or positivity is appreciated!

It’s always doable if you stay focused. I would start doing practice questions (Q-Bank or equivalent, if possible) while going through the books rather than waiting. Repetition and practice will be key in a relatively compressed timeframe.


depends on your background …

i am in the same spot as you . i am starting today . not sure yet what my plan is . but it could be done if you start studying and don’t think you are behind. you have to think positive and one thing that will help is think that everybody just started now , so you are not in a disadvantage here. you can do it . i wish you were here in Tallahassee Florida so we can do this together it always helps big time if you do it with someone who is in the same situation. you can do it. i know you can.

It depends on your background. If you have a good background, of course you can do it. But you need to plan and I advice you practice each session alone immediately and not waiting to fininsh all books. Focus and Practice as many as you can.

Entirely depends upon your way of studying. If you put in your best time in understanding and retaining the information then you can do it. It also depends on whether you are studying from CFAI books or any other material. Since I know about Shweser, they can be covered in 2.5 months but it also depends upon your allegiance with the concepts. If you are aware of some concepts then you can do it. Remember its ultimately you who has to decide whether to step ahead or wait. Whatever decision you take there should be no coming back. Like khaled.777 said Focus and Practice as much as you can especially each practice session after you finish it.

i think it depends on how much you already know…I for one plan to start studying in mid october

Thanks for all of the words of encouragement! I have the Schweser books, and the curriculum on CD’s so I can listen in during my commute, or idle time. I have a BS in Finance but don’t want to bank on that. Good to know I’ve got a fighting chance! Besides Schweser and the CFAI books - where should I look for great practice questions?

Hey Ccamac01, What city are you in? I just started looking at the books last night. I feel that I am pretty screwed since many people are half-way done or almost done with studying. Anyway I am from Boston. It would be cool if you are as well so we can study together and pass this exam.

not nearly enough time.

Hi itoenjasmine, I’m also in Boston. I’m just now really starting to study (I’ve done some, but not much so far). If you want to get together sometime, let me know. It would be nice to have someone local to check in with to keep on track and to work through any tricky bits.

As someone who failed level 1 last year after studying for 2 months with a background in Finance (cum laude) and a manager of the student managed investment fund, you are joking yourself if you think you can pass with less than 3 months to study. It’s not just knowing the material but being familiar with how the questions are asked. I also had a friend fail with a 4.0 Finance degree and he works as an analyst for a mutual fund manager. Only about 36% pass, if I were you, I’d register for June instead.

If you are focused in studying (study every morning after work), and use your weekends to get a solid 8 hours both saturday and sunday…then yes, easily passable. Level 1 is very doable with limited studying if you have the background and prepare well. People differ in their exam taking abilities (and memory) but if you consider yourself a smart person who always does well on exams…then definitely take the December exam, don’t waste time on this if you don’t need to.

read all the schweser material, and focus on the EOC questions…save the last few weeks for entirely focused time on practice exams and all that