2/3 readings for CFA lvl III

HI guys,

I do understand that every person has his/her own way of studying, however, I would really appreciate if someone could suggest on this.

Please let me know, which is better:

A)Complete 2 readings of CFAI text by end of March and do practice exams for 2 months or

B) complete 3 readings by april end and then practice exams;of coruse time for practice exams will be reduced

Any suggestion is welcome.


you mean how many times over to read them?, I think twice is enough, but do end of chapter EOC questions at end of each. Plus write down notes from each reading for finals days quick review, Formulas, key definitions, key examples. And writing notes helps hammer in the concepts and becomes easier to recall

Yes, i meant…reading all the CFAI books twice/thrice



do 2 readings - and start to do the tests earlier. While doing the tests “re-read” the portions of the curriculum that you feel yourself needing more info.

Just reading the text 2, 3 or 4 times without any practice is not a very useful way to spend your time.

I also have a similar question… what do you guys think of watching Wiley and Schweser Videos VS. just reading the curriculum ?

neither watching nor simply reading the curriculum is useful by itself.

Just recognize that ACTIVE LEARNING is WHAT YOU NEED!

Good point, CPK.

that’s why CPK makes the big bucks

Definitely agree ! Take notes of what you read so you memorize it better and can revise from your notes in the last weeks

To add to this question, I just finished reading all Schweser books for the first time. It took about 6 weeks and I made ~150 very detailed notecards. I was going to just start practicing like crazy now; any thoughts?