2 interviews at the same company

Hi, I have 2 interviews for investment banking at the same company in different offices (cities) and groups. I had passed on my resume to a friend of mine in the tech group about 1.5 months ago, I had tried to follow up but no one responded so I thought that the opportunity was dead. Today I received a call from them to do a 30 minute interview. During those 1.5 months I did my own networking with an MD in healthcare ( which is my background) he told me to pass my resume to him, and said that an associate will be calling me, (this was a week ago). Should I just go through both interviews? Or should I let them know? I understand that it looks bad to apply to both positions at the same. Thanks for your help.


i don’t know that i would voluntarily bring it up early in the recruitment process. if you’re asked about it, definitely let them know, but frame it in a way that you’re seeking their advice…for example, you could say that you’re actually speaking with a group in their other office as well, and you feel really blessed to have the opportunity to speak to people at their company. however you also want to make sure you’re doing the “right thing” and that’s why you’re letting them know that you’re speaking to people in other offices…but that you’d also appreciate *THEIR* advice going forward on how to best handle the situation. no matter what, continue to reiterate that your first and foremost goal is to join their company and help in any capacity that you can, and that you’d be grateful for any opportunity that’s offered. but do ask for THEIR advice and opinion, because it puts the ball in their court and people always love to have the ball in their court. it also shows them that you really respect their opinion and experience, and that you have no problem seeking guidance from others when you need it (this is a GOOD thing, not a bad thing) hope this helps