2 Last Minute Study Tips for Level III newbs

Once you complete the CFAI PM mock and the last 3 years worth of AM exams. You might be running out of CFAI questions to take. If so,

  1. Do all the Blue Boxes in the curriculm; many are very VERY similar to the questions you’ll find on the morning exam.
  2. CFAI provides 2007 & 2008 AM exams too (AF junkies already know this but worth sharing anyway) http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprogram/courseofstudy/Documents
  3. Bonus: Stay away from Schweser and other prep cos. unless you’ve already knocked out 1&2 and all the end of chapter questions. EOC = PM. Blue Boxes= AM

Only 7 days and a wake up left…

Thank you so much for the tip.

Best of luck

thank you too!

Thanks for the tip. That seems very helpful!

I agree. Don’t listen to the people who say to ignore the EOC

^ Some long EOC Qs are from AM Qs, too.

Are the Blue box Q’s different from the Institue EOC Q’s? I’ve gone through those at length but no the Blue box ones.

Thanks a bunch.

Yes, you can thank me in August when you’re not a 10th band fail. Good luck!

Yup! Absolutely right! See you at the finish line!

So just the examples in blue in the Intitute books?

I absolutely promise I will come here and thank you if I pass.

Thanks again

So why stay way from Schweser?

Yup. Good luck!

Don’t stay away, but complete all (AM exams, PM MOCK, Blue Box, EOC) CFAI first. CFAI>Schweser…always!!!

Good luck!

Dear L3 candidates,

L2 first timer here. Question to you guys:

I’ve done about 6 mocks (4 schweser, 1 Boston, 1 CFAI) with an average score of 75 (bit higher on schweser).

I haven’t done some EOCs but not all and no blue boxes.

I am off from work till the exam. how do you recommend using this time? re-reading weaker readings? secret sauce? blue boxes? EOCs? I’ll probably try all of the above, but what would be your priority?

thanks for your help! the charter awaits you…


Do all the EOC’s, and it might be in your best interest to do them again. Blue boxes can be good but they’re hit or miss. Review the summaries at the end of every CFAI chapter. IF you’re doing a reading and don’t get it, read the CFAI version. Read Secret Sauce at test-2days. Good luck.