2 letters

Just received 2 neat congratulatory letters via snail-mail from CFA Institute (John Rogers).

Peace everyone, now only the physical charter remains which comes in mid December.

due to the above post, I checked my mail, sure enough there was a letter from the CFAI. Well two letters as you say. One addressed to me and the other presumably for me to give to my boss Monday. Very nice! How I wish the one to my boss recommended that he recognize my achievement with a raise or bonus… I thought that was coming when I read,

“We hope that you are as proud of this achievement as we are and that you will celebrate this milestone by”


I am nowhere near

I didn`t receive the letters yet.

Neither did I… :frowning:

Do not worry. Be happy.

Just received the two letters. One from institute to myself, and another for my employer.

May sound f’in corny, but their letter to me ‘almost’ made me shed tears…Well put Mr.Rogers,CFA!

John Rogers should be happy to have you aboard. You are going to pay CFAI like $500 a year for as long as you are a member. Each Facebook subscriber is worth about $65 to the company. Each CFAI member is clearly worth much more than that.

Letters came, nice indeed!