2-month study plan

can anyone please help me out with a 2 month study plan for the cfa level 1 in june 2014.

I’m 25 and work full time. i leave home for work at 5:30am and get off work after 6pm. hustle through traffic to get home at around 7:45pm.

I need a 2-month study plan that can fit into my work schedule.

I hear the secret to success in cfa level 1 is to do a lot of practice questions. so i want to use from now till march to cover the cfa material.

any ideas on a study plan please?

Jesus you have a 1hr 45 min commute? Is there no way of cutting that down? Options are either stay in the office and revise or revise during your commute and when you get home.

I am working full time as well. I need to wake up at 6:30 in the morning and get home at 8:30 at night. I also need to take 3 hrs to commute everyday. My plan is to take advantage of that 3 hours from commute for the following 2 months and read the book briefly. and then quit the job for the following 2 months and study 24/7 until the exam date. My major was finance and l have learned a lot of stuff already. Sounds crazy?