2 months enough to retake??

I failed the CFA level 1 in Dec 2010, band 9… It was sort of what I expected as had zero time off work to study and no background at all in finance. I am hoping to retake but am overseas for work and only back in the UK on 21st March. Is this enough time to get through the material and pass second time round? If not then I guess I will have to delay, however would rather not. Am concerned 2 months is just not enough, it doesn’t feel very fresh in my mind after 3 months of alcohol catch up :frowning: Thanks!!

I don’t think so. I’ve started already and there have been some significant changes. Whole new chapters. Try and get the whip cracking earlier if I were you.

Its doable… get the secret souce from Schweser (You can use old one and check for LOS’s) I dont think changes will be significant. MEMORIZE STUFF. Most of the LOS’s in level 1 are describe, define, explain, discuss etc. Get the big picture knowledge and it will help you. Try schweser videos if you haven’t already.

grrrr…typo… SAUCE* you can also try craiglist you may get some cheap material from there. GL

Thanks guys! Wow - so not feeling too positive! I can’t get started until I return from overseas… so I either delay or give it a shot. I knew the material pretty well, but I just didn’t do enough questions prior to the exam - I was hoping just to do a quick refresh and then just questions and past papers… ahhh! :frowning:

what with people and measuring time in months… think hours… 60 days * 5 hours = 300 hours… for a second time , you should pass with 300 hours, and you remmber more than you think… now the question is can you pull it off… best of luck,.,.

60 days * 5 hours??? Seriously? I guess this is where unemployment will have positive impact on society?