2 months left!!!!

omg, theres only 2months left and i still didnt finish book 5 + ethics. (#&(#&@ I’m crapping in my pants already thinking about the time closing in… hows everyone else doing at this moment? feeling confident or blue?

Apprehensive and motivated at the same time. Just hang in there and keep chugging along.

I am starting to burn out. I have book 5 left as well. The last few days all thinking of CFA makes me want to do it go drinking… I am taking a break for a few days and then hopefully coming back fresh.

I still have FI, AI, and Derivitives before I can start my review! I figure I will be able to get through this in Oct. and have all of Nov to review. Even if I had gotten through all the material by now, I would still be apprehensive. Just keep moving and practice problems, practice problems, then more practice problems.

I am gonna finish book 5 by end of this week…Oct for complete review on key concepts on all of them…november just practise exams…hopefully that will help… Good luck to everyone…

Done with CFAI texts. Using Schweser study notes, my notes from the CFAI text and lots of qbank questions for the next two months.

FI II, Derivatives, Alt. Investments, Ethics to go - then practice exams.

This exam is driving me so crazy. I am definitely behind my studying schedule. I plan to concentrate on Q-Bank, Secret Source and the book6 (exam) for the next two months.

i still have half of book 4 and 5 to go, plus review and tests, i am using schweser study planner calender so i think i have it timed right , we’ll see…

most of book 4, all of book 5 to go. If I pass, I pass, if I fail, I’ll do it again in June, much better prepared. I’m relatively sanguine - I only started beginning of August, so if I pass in December it’s a bonus. I intend to get the topics finished by somewhere around 5-10 November, then just do exams. I’ll take a week off work before the exam to do exams and review intensively. Then I intend to get absolutely, utterly and thoroughly off my box in London with some friends, before easing off for Christmas, and starting again in January, hopefully on Level 2…

Seems like a lot of us all are in the same boat. I have half of book 4 and all of book 5 left. However, I’m not worried whatsoever. Just taking it one step at a time and should be done with the books by end of month. LETS GO RED SOX…although playoff’s are definitly not gona help the situation…:slight_smile: If this were 2004, id rather have the world series win then the level 1 passed.

I’ve got 3/4 of Book 5 to go (my 2nd time), and then it’s straight to Q-bank and Exams. Can’t wait to get this thing done already!!! arghghgh Good luck guys…

kevin002 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’ve got 3/4 of Book 5 to go (my 2nd time), and > then it’s straight to Q-bank and Exams. > Can’t wait to get this thing done already!!! > arghghgh ditto… - Dinesh S

Take the online practice tests from CFAI as soon as they come available. I was the same way last April, and got alot more motivation after seeing a few practice tests. They are harder than the practice Q’s in the CFAI books, but exactly the same type of Q’s as the actual exam. I suggest taking as many as you can afford, they are worth it. I’ll keep waiting for my Level II books, dreading the next study marathon instead of living it now. Hopefully you all will join the next forum after passing your Level I test. Good luck.

Thank you for this post! I’m definitely freaking out! Half way through Book 5- taking forever! I haven’t done ANY review yet…when I looked back at some quant I had a small seizure due to how little I remembered! After Book 5 (Oct 13) it is -> Q Bank -> Book 6 -> Q Bank -> Book 7 -> Q Bank -> CFAI Exams -> Q Bank -> Prayer. It is crunch time people! Let’s do this!

I was worried about burning out, but work and school keep me distracted enough to not really feel overwhelmed by the exam (as odd as that may seem). One question, though. I did some searching on the CFAI site, but could not find any type of “early link” to their practice exams. I’d like to work on those when they are available. Any idea when that will be?