2 months to go - what are you plans from now till June 3?

Just over 9 weeks remaining.

Has everyone now completed the material?

I’m working on some AM mocks but still not confident on quite a few of the topics. Hopefully the next few weeks will hammer them in.

Also trying to do topic tests and PM when I need to do something different.

Whats your individual plans and status?

Finished the readings/videos/EOCs last weekend. Starting this weekend I will be doing every question I can find and review notes frequently until the exam, I plan on taking all the Kaplan mocks, the past 4 CFAI AM sections and other questions provided. Also going to the Kaplan 3-day class in April.

has anyone completed the online questions yet, i have completed the readings and now working my way through the online item sets (60% through) have yet to touch the morning mocks properly.

Watch out, they added few new vignettes.

Look at Trading, Monitoring, Rebalancing. The one of them is the beast. Pretty new manner of questionnaire about IS. I decided to repeat this concept after this one:)

My plan for the next 2 months? Enjoy my first spring of having a life since 2014…

Y’all study hard now so you can pass this last f’er.

Good luck.

And btw 6 months post-exam you won’t remember 85% of of the sh___ y’all currently stuffing to your heads.

3 stupid letters that’s all it’s about!

Done with the matieral except for GIPS. I saved all CFA EOC Q’s and topic tests, but have been doing Schweser Qbank, Schweser Constructed Response and EOC Qs from the Schweser text. I also did the Schweser Class this time around, the workbook that comes with the class also has extra practice questions. Overall, I feel pretty good so far. I plan to begin my review next weekend. I have certain days where I review topics, that’s when I’ll do all CFA EOC Qs, Topic Tests and all previous CFA AM exams. Once that’s complete, I am doing all 6 Schweser mocks, the official CFA mock and possible an older CFA mock, maybe 2013. with a day of review in between each.

starting mocks this weekend. Have hammered through 80% of the Qbank and most CFAI EOCs. I still need to work the Schweser constructed response questions. My goal is to close out Qbank and review wrongly answered questions over the next few weeks while trying to get through a mock a week in April. May will be heavily geared towards CFAI morning exams and more schweser mocks. Need to practice constructed response a lot but continue building my overall understanding and execution of all topics by drilling questions especially the CFAI online vignettes.