2 more days

For L1 and L2 last weeks have been so important to me that I learned so much and improved my score substantially. I studied full time all day for both levels in the last week. I always found new weaknesses studied them, learned them, and then found more weaknesses… On the last day b4 the exam I always said “if I only had 2 more days”… “why didnt I start studying like this 2 days earlier”. Although I passes both on first attempt I never felt confident b4 or after the exams. I am sure many felt the same way. Not to fall into that again now I am studying as much as I can. I dont know if I will say “if I had 2 more days” on the last day, but at least I will know that I did my best.

I am with you dude. But I am usually “if i had another week…”. This year my wish was granted since I do have an extra week because the exam is on the 7th. No excuses.

I wish it was last weekend b/c then we could all be enjoying this weekend!!