2 more mocks - Schweser, Finquiz or CFAI2015?

Hey wanalysts,

I’ve completed 4 mocks from Schweser, and i am debating whether i should do 2 more or not, or whether i should do the CFAI 2015 mock instead then focus on my notes…

Should i do 2 more mocks or go back to EOCs? If i should do 2 more, should i go with the last 2 from Schweser or Finquiz. I haven’t touched any of Finquiz’s mocks.


Finquiz is staggeringly difficult, and somewhat demoralizing. If you have to do only 1, for sure CFA 2015. If you haven’t done FINQUIZ exams you may be in for a surprise. THat said, you could really kickass at it. I bought the 6 finquiz exams and have asked myself if I read the same material as the people who put the FINQUIZ exams.

I may stop at 5 FINQUIZ and 1 CFA 2015.

The easy answer is definitely do the CFAI mock. From the source. I’m doing it Monday.

I would use Q Bank at this stage to drill the concepts into your mind.