2 questions about CFAI Sample Exam Score (please explain)

(1) The total number of problems is 60. The time given is 2 hours? In actual exam, you’re supposed to finish 60 problems in 1.5 hours. Otherwise how can we finish 240 in 6 hours. (2) The total number of problems is 60. How can someone score 63% and someone score 73%? Which means 37.8 out of 60 and 43.8 out of 60 respectively. How can someone get 0.8 problems correct? Are these the reasons that CFI doesn’t want you to go back and review your exam?

WOW…just wow. Really, you have nothing to do but question about rounding and some random crap about their mock exams?

WOW…just wow. Really, you have nothing to do but question rounding and some random crap about their mock exams?

It’s perfectly legit question, since it makes no sense that you can get fractional points. Moreover, since the weight of every question on sample exam is worth 1.67% as compared to 0.42% to the actual exam, this question is even more important. btw, alexandrov, we are talking about SAMPLE, not MOCK exams, so please try to avoid confusion by being consistent

When I wrote sample test # 1 - I got a 68% — on one of the screens it did say 68.33%, as I got 41 out of 60. I believe they round off to the nearest percentage - and that the scores above should be like this: 63% would be 63.3 which would be 38/60 73% would be 73.3 which would be 44/60 See what I mean? Also, regarding the time - I thought that the CFAI were making the sample exams 2 hours because they were SAMPLE exam and they wanted to give us time to complete all 60 questions - which is why the extra 0.5 hr. Mainly, the sample exams were designed for people to do early on in the final review stage (hence being available in April) so they could see which areas needed more review. With the MOCK exams, the time frame is correct. These are not available until May, when the final review is kicking in and we are more concerned regarding the time frame. When I did my sample, I did check to see how long it took me, as I wanted to do it in under 1.5 hours…just for my own peace of mind… Does this make sense to you? Not sure if it is CFAI’s logic, but this made sense to me…

I think included in the 2 hours is the time they give you to read the answers that you get wrong, etc. after each question. The time keeps ticking for those.

Everything has a very good and reasonable explanation, only some people see it, some people (like me) didn’t see it. Thanks