2 Questions

Hi everyone, I’m sure these two questions have probably already been asked and answered so for those of you who may have the AF link already saved to your favorites, please help me out! 1. What are the differences between the 2009 and 2010 material (both from the CFA textbooks and Schweser)? I found this http://www.finquiz.com/tips/detail but is there anything more specific to Schweser? 2. For level 1 several people were sending around notes they had typed up while studying, does anyone have anything similar for level 2? I’m thinking even if it’s for 2009 or 2008 I would just edit it as I move through the 2010 material. Thanks in advance!

The website you listed is the only thing I have seen that shows the differences between 09 and 10. I am just going to go through the 09 Schweser, and supplement the CFA readings where there is a difference noted on the website.

okay, thanks cre… anyone have an answer to question 2? =)

those notes that are being mailed around are probably billbelemy22’s notes!!