2 study sessions in 5 days

Is it possible to finish 2 study sessions in 5 days. I wan to keep weekends for practice…How many hours per study session is needed …

Please consider me some one who dont know any thing abt finance…


do u work?..if so…no…

i mean you could…but likely the quality of study will be bad

if you dont work…yeah id say you’re a failure if you dont…because i do work and i get 1 done a week

good luck

How many hours u put in for 1…

Another thing is ,.dont u think…it will give u more time to do revison…revision is really important…finish 18 sessions in 9 weeks then put aside 6 week for revision and practice and 3 weeks for mock…any comments

I mean as most of the people said. Yes you can, but do it at what quality? If you are just flying through things, then probably you could do it.

Revision is important, no doubt - but its never at the cost of understanding the topic. I really doubt if you can finish two study sessions in 5 days if you are working - because if you do, then you are compromising somewhere!

And btw, each person studies in a different way. So stick to how you do from childhood mate, dont change that - it seldom works and too much risk involved :)!

I think, I should do question bank during revision then…I am sure 7 days r good enough for finhsing 2 study sessions…I really need a month for revison and a month for review…since i am from non finance background

Depending on your background, you will be able to cover certain SS way faster than others. However, trying to cover 2SS/5days, as your overall goal for the whole curriculum, seems overly aggressive; and you might end up missing too many key points.

Keep in mind that the concepts are easy…but there is so much material to cover, and the questions are so specific…that is worth taking the time to do at least one good review of all the curriculum.

Don’t make stringent goals for yourself. Try to study every chapter throughly so that when you revise it next time, you don’t feel like the need to study it from scratch. Also, you should solve end of chapter questions of CFAI curriculum right after you finish any chapter. This will help you in retaining the stuff for a longer period of time.

Remember it’s not the study sessions per week that matters, but the quality hours you put into that counts!

Yup, don’t do two in a week, do one and fill the rest of the time with practice questions. LOS quizzes from qbank, eoc’s, master the scenarios, etc. You’ve got time at this point, just aim to finish around halloween.