2 weeks from now

we’ll all be drunk drunk drunk…only thing getting me thur this.

and drugs!!! lotsa drugs

and finally doing the girlfriend with her in mind and not CFROI = TYPE of IRR, value based metric - page 555, BK4 CFA…

urymoto1 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > and drugs!!! > > lotsa drugs Surely you can find a better use for your first night out in society for months!?

Um, nope…:wink:

i’ll be so happy june 7th no matter what… june 28th might be a different story.

I’m gonna be barebacking a tranny hooker. Good to have me back society, eh?

What about butter-knife sized rippers off a hookers @ss? Gotta show the normal hookers some love, dude!

“What about butter-knife sized rippers off a hookers @ss? Gotta show the normal hookers some love, dude!” Classic post CFA exam ritual…gotta do it. BS - good luck with all that!

Turkish, I’ll need it considering how things went following L1…

Alright, I’m done for the day…need to be up early if I’m going to golf tomorrow aft. Let’s pick this excellent thread up on my favoritie topic (professional ladies) tomorrow morning.

i will go rock climbing, haven’t done it for a while …

I climb too Maratikus, used to instruct beginners actually, I’m a gym rat though, don’t do it much outdoors.

Me too, Black Swan. I used to go to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky and I loved it there. I haven’t climbed outdoors for 2 years though because my wife doesn’t particularly like climbing. I’ve been focusing on bouldering since I started studying for the CFA exams because I don’t have time to climb on rope. Do you prefer rope climbing or bouldering?

i took alot of golf lessons over the winter and haven’t been to the course once this spring. was at range a few times and my swing/ball flight seems alot better. here comes 79, i hope (my usual range is 85-105)

Depends on the day, I spend most of my time bouldering (like 90%) but there’s few things like getting a long technical route thats the perfect amount of challenging. You know achievable, but when you get back down your hands are too weak to release the harness.

maybe we’ll get a chance to go climbing sometime. good luck on your studies!

Maratikus, actually, that might be a possibility. My brother has another year in CHI going to school, so I might make it out for a fair amount of weekends, shoot me an email at q.benjamin@gmail.com and I’ll let you know when I’ll be in town, always up for a good climbing sess.