2 weeks off

So its almost time. This is my last week of work before the 2 weeks Im taking off before the exam. Been trying to figure out the best way to spend this time off. Any suggestions? Thinking of trying to get through all of the EOC questions one week and trying to read through all of the blue box problems the other week. Maybe mix in 3-4 mock exams?

are you sure you will finish all the CFAI EOC in 1 week?

I am in no way sure, I did them all in 5 days for level 1 but this is a whole other animal. Im just looking for a general plan and then to try to get as much of it done as possible.

the EOC for capital budgeting took me a whole 1 -2 days

For my two weeks, I am doing CFA mock exams and reviewing what I don’t know.