2 weeks to go for results

Feel the anticipation yet?

Which one will you be on the big day?


or this:

mine would probably be this at my screen


i fail at embedding

Just too much time to get the results :frowning: And yeah I like that PREPPIE, probably my response would be the same as well!

The page would not load what Misscleo and Iteracom have put and neither do the links yield anything :S

Atta girl, MissCleo.

Damn the anticipation of results! Everything really seems to be in slow mo. Hoping and praying for the best for all. Really need that favorable outcome.



Good luck guys…please pass me tooooo! Really need some positive news

Very true Unni… Everything around me seems to be happening in Super Slow Mo :frowning: Couldnt even enjoy the cricket/football which are going on around me. Wimbledon was a big help as it helped me get my mind away from thinking about the exam (okay atleast when I reach home in the evening after work)!

Only 11 days into July and feeling terrible :frowning: I tried learning VBA, Modelling from Wallstreetprep - just cant concentrate :frowning:

Good luck everyone and you have my wishes as well Alladin :slight_smile:

Just Chill guys…there are still 13 more days… !!! atleast enjoy this time till thenn… whatever is going to happen., is going to happen… thinking of it wont help !!

Thats true … “Thinking of it won’t help” … but its really difficult to help not thinking about it … wink

Well said, nobody wants to droole over it - if only I could :slight_smile:

Nice one btw :slight_smile: Don’t walk as if you rule the world , Walk as if you don’t care who does …

^ nice qoute.

All credits to the original author … unfortunately don’t know who he is … read on internet few years back …