20 Sample questions on CFA website- tried ???????????


Just tried the 20 q on CFA website given as sample.

I got 16/20 correct.

How many did u guys score ?

16/20 is a good score. I got 15/20 when I did them

FRA questions were tuff

Got a link for this?


thanks. ANymore? I know that they gave out free sample mock exams for 2012, does anyone have prior ones?

would appreicate too, thanks!

Gharnish, thanks a lot!

How much are u guys scoring out of 20 ?

I just finished mine and got 14 out of 20, exactly on the 70% threshold, took me 35 minutes. I do not know whether it is the language, or whether these questions are indeed harder than the Schwesser, but I find myself intimidated by the CFAI material.

I too found the wording of these questions to be more difficult than Schweser.

FRA was tuff in this

I now know without doubt that Schweser is easier than CFAI by a factor of 10 percentage points - meaning that you need to be a solid 80% with notmal difficulty and be a solid 70% when you select only the hardest questions.

I have not been able to score much over 60% on the two samples from CFAI (at $40/pop) though I average about 71 percent accuracy to date with Scwesser. Though the quantitative problems aren’t any harder, they are worded in a more challenging manner that tests your logical grasp.

Though late for me at this point, for future CFA 1 candidates I would recommend starting as early as possible, read all materials once, do a solid 2 months with qbanks etc, then have ample time to re-read the text of challenging areas. Though I have progressed a lot, a lot of the subject matter was never strong to begin with and I am now forced to re-learn in bits and pieces from the solutions.

I have 12 days to kick my average up 10 points.

How much did u score in cfa mock ishkurti

Not sure if I would conclude that based on the experiences - keep in mind CFAI probably doesn’t want to distribute anything too easy, and risk people saying “Well based on the samples I was doing awesome, then I failed the real thing.” I’d have to think anything CFAI distributes (mock or sample etc.) will be on the harder end of things.

Scored 14/20 on this one, the ethics questions I thought were borderline ridiculous. I’ve been scoring 75-85 range on my Qbanks by topic, though I’ve only really covered ethics, FR&A, economics, and alternative investments (some long nights coming up…).

Also can anyone explain in number 7, how on earth do 1.5 million shares at $28 per share get you $4 million of common equity?

Never mind I got it. Just book value of equity.

@vicky_cool I have scored 60% on both. I am a borderline 70% on Schweser. Schwesser also has an annoying pattern in its multuple-choice that I doubt is the case on the real test: among three choices, you almost always can make out a correct answer at least partialy when answers are with two or more components by simply seeing which components are repeated more than once among the answers. The correct component of an answer appears as an alternative more than once up and down the answer alternatives. I do not know if I am making sense or not, but it is the case.


Made a stupid mistake on quesion 7, I really need to learn how to read the question!

I actually liked the wording of these questions better than Schweser, seemed more straitforward.

I’m surprised I got 17/20 for this! just messed up on scales, probability and bias.