2000-2005 past CFA exam

I would like to know if it permission to use this past exams or it is violate code of ethics.

please any one ?

Can’t be. It was made publicly available on CFAI’s site for years…I suspect the CFAI does not display them on their site because some items may no longer be relevant to the current LOS. I don’t understand cfasuccess’ motive for removing the questions from their site though…

this guy is going to fail ethics

duh…unless you can prove that CFASuccess does not credit CFAI in making the PQs available…

So can some one confirm if we can use this exams or not ?

you can certainly use these exams in fact i will recommend u to do so…just watch out hte concepts no longer part of the curriculum.

DONT DO IT!!! CFAI only puts those exams up to see who will violate the code. Once you download it they track your IP and you can kiss the charter goodbye

you may be getting a visit at night… By the CFAI.


night … don’t listen to these guys … they are just messing with u … all u need to do is delete ur original post … delete ur a/c on this site … and forget that u ever mentioned anything about past CFA exams and u’ll be safe. You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Haha this thread cracked me up.

seriously. you guys are mean.

This is the pot calling the kettle black if I have ever seen it. ; )

I am sorry if the deletion of past exams caused your confusion. The reason is due to the database space limits (200MB max) on the hosting plan (paid out of my own pocket). The software system Community Server stores attached files in the SQL database. The site can’t continue to function without freeing some space. Upgrading the plan is the not an option that I wanted to pursue because the ROC on this was substantially less than zero (it has been actually -1) and will continue to be less than zero for foreseeable future. (What a bad investment! lol. Well, if you do it for good faith, people appreciate it, I guess). Also, I received NO objection from CFA Institute on this matter. As a 3/3, I personally feel that past exams older than three years older are less relevant, I’d highly recommend you try something else like practice exams from Schweser. You can download past exams for last three years from CFA Institute website. Good luck on exam, everyone.

Pay me using paypal at Tibwa-cfai-schewser-kaplan-stella@mwt09.com to get them for free:-) hahahaha Seriously dude, do you have something else to say or u just never read the ethics?

How did I get thrown into that ^

Using old practice exams is only a violation if you take the exam in pencil.