2006 CFA past exam Q#1.. just want to make sure

Hi, For 2006 Q#1-C, those questions that requested for “Support each response with one reason…”, I find it tough to explain… like for Time horizon, it will have multipe time horizon (pre-retirement, retirement etc), really have to put a few “reasons” to explain the situation like what the model answer wrote. Does anyone find the same issue? Will you just write out the whole situation like the model answer, instead just part of it? (i.e., one reason…) or may be I just do not totally understand the question clearly…

They typically give (in the answer guideline) a few reasons, so personally I’ll write what I feel is a satisfactory answer, meaning as succinct and the best that I can.

i would try to make a little bit long winded sentence that would cover most of the things just to be sure for ex. i will say Multi stage long TH, with first horizon covering 10 years till his son reaches age 18 and second stage covering 30 years of retirement…I am not sure if they asked for one reason in the indiv portfolio question. if it is pension, then it would be long TH owing to younger workforce(ave age33) and that it is open to new entrants etc etc