2006 Schweser Notes for 2008 Exam?

Hi, everyone, How is everyone doing? Good luck with those who will take the CFAI this December! This is my first time to write questions on the forum. Very excited ! Actually, I am going to take the CFAI in June 2008 and have not received the 2008 official text books yet. I bought the 2006 Schweser’s notes and text books and took the level 1 test in June 2006 but I was not well prepared at that time. Just wondering if it is fine to use the 2006 Scheweser notes to prepare for 2008’s CFAI because there are lots of overlapping sections comparing the lists of the contents of the two “notes”.If so, is it important to order the Qbank from Scheweser for the preparation?Can someone who had the experience give me some suggestions? Many thanks!

Starter, I think you are going to get blasted for not using the search function to see previous posts like this one. So, to hopefully save you some frustration, let me try to answer this real fast. Just b/c the sections are overlapping between 2006 & 2008 doesn’t mean that the LOS’s are and that is what matters. You could always keep them around for reference, but it is always advisable to have the most up to date copies of these materials. There are some people who have and will pass using dated notes, but that isn’t the optimal choice for everyone. Personally, I would buy the up to date notes and up to date Q bank. But the decision is yours at the end of the day. Good luck, and welcome to the board.

Thank you very much, Bodaymore. Your suggestions are very helpful!I will search the posts as well.Gook Luck with your study!