2007 - 2008 Differences

I apologize if this has been covered in months past but I make a habit not to check these forums until the exam is close. I used the Schweser books last year and did very well on the test. I am not sure how I managed to get invited back for another try at Level II but I’m over that now. My question is, what kind of differences are you guys noticing from 07 materials to this year? I have the CFAI books but have barely cracked them open. They are more than a little cumbersome and seem to take 12 pages to explain something Schweser does in 4. Are there specific sections you would read CFAI over Schweser on?

Some sections from Level 1 have been moved to Level 2. There are some brand new sections as well. http://www.schweser.com/downloads/2008_CFA_Whats_New.pdf?PHPSESSID=68e76893f9d609b157300a5fbb1771ac

the changes are quite minor i say… probably 10% at most

At MOST. Schweser makes a habit of overstating this to sell more books.