2007 A.M. Ex 3 - Psychological Traps?

Hi, I just finished the 2007 A.M. exam. Question 3 asks for Psychological traps that the analysts have in this case. According to Irfanullah’s overview from last year, Ex 3 should still be relevant (http://irfanullah.co/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/CFA-Level-III-Essay-Questions-Relevancy-for-2014.pdf).

All the names in the solution are familiar, but I somehow can’t remember that I saw them with that exact name (trap instead of bias) and in that collection (includes cognitive biases and emotional biases). I searched the bookshelf version of CFAI for Psychological Traps, but couldn’t find anything.

Can someone help me with that? Was it just renamed or is it still relevant? If so, can someone give me the LOS where it is asked? The ones of 2007 have a completely different order.


chapter on cap mrkt expectatations

Great, thanks, looked in the wrong book. Thought it was on biases (said Behavioral in the Question).

For everyone interested, it’s Reading 16, Book 3.