2007 BSAS Materials

If anyone who wrote L1 in June has their BSAS materials for sale, please send me an email at: kiarra (gmail), or post your address on this thread. Thanks.

i just got mine… i ordered the pratice exam book and am planning on using it in nov… sorry mine are not for sale… i did notice that the the exams are dated 2004 , 2005 , 2006 does that mean the older ones are prob outdated? i hope not…

did anyone try their online tests before? I’m debating between their online tests and the practice exam book

i was debating this also… the decision breaker was that i have q-bank and wanted a pratice test in a printed format to feel more like the actual test… this may sound stupid bit i am so used to taking computerized tests from q-bank, i wanted to actually be able to sit down w/ a paper test in front of me… whatever choice you make i dont think it will really matter much… the important thing is that you are getting it and will be using it…

liabaa, how much are their online tests? The only thing that they offer online is their test bank I thought.

Even in QBank - you can set it up so you create a Exam Set --> and then instead of answering it online - you can make use of the Print Option. this prints all the questions. You can later on go and pick up your exam online - say “continue online” and transfer your answers online to review the solutions online. CP

thaqnks cpk123 i never knew that… i will try it out