2007 schweser useful? how useful?

i have aset of last year’s, wondering should I buy the 08 set or do i have a cheaper option? thanks.

Also…where do I find Qbank?

You may compare LOS from 2007 to 2008 and decide if its worth to refer 2007 material. Risk is too high where the allowed margin of error in the exam is already low (you have to score a minimum 70%). A simple search on this board will give you a tone of posts on this subject.

schweser.com and you can purchase either just the notes for I think around $300 or a package, including the qbank, for something around $500. I would purchase the new schweser notes because they are an easier read than the entire CFAI texts - and then use the texts when further clarification is needed. With the amount of money your putting up for the exam, not to mention the opportunity cost of spending your weekends in your room studying, I think it would make the most sense to have the most recent material. Basically, if you want to use schweser as your primary source, which is what I recommend, use '08 material. If you want to use CFAI as your primary source, then I guess there’s no reason to spend an extra $300 bucks on schweser.