2008 CFA Curriculum Readings Wanted

Using your study notes only? I want to buy your Level 1 CFA readings… Will pay top dollar and sipping! Please email me at ggoffunds @ yahoo.com

Why would you pay for the readings when they are included in the registration? Unless you plan on studying for the test and not taking it.

I’m not taking the exam, but I want the material. Anyone who wnats to sell…hook me up. I’ll pay top dollar and shipping. Contact me at ggoffunds @ yahoo.com

why aren’t you taking the exam? the material’s all over the place…

Can you explain what you mean by the "material’s all over the place’? FYI, I need the material for general reference.



check ebay. I guess 75% candidates will sell you the books if you pay high price since they don’t use the books anyway. Right guys? However, I am not in the 75% group. Sorry!!