2008 Changes

I took L1 in December like many others and am caught in limbo trying to decide to buy the L2 stuff now or hold off. I work with someone who has the L2 2007 materials and is giving them to me. Would like to whet the L2 pallet asap with the 2007 materials. Can someone please tell me which 2 sections had the least magintude of change? FSA? Derivatives? I searched pretty hard on the forum, schweser, and CFAI web page. If you don’t want to help, please just abstain from posting. Thanks.

Ethics – No Change QA – Added TimeSeries ECo – minor changes – moved int fin & fx from last years LI FSA – overhaul Eq – pretty much same FI – pretty much same Deriv – pretty much same PM – lots of changes Hope this helps you figure where to concentrate your studies till jan 23rd

In addition to what zoser55 said so well above, approx 30% of material has changed: Corp Fin – new reading on M&A; Cost of Capital reading dropped Equity – several readings dropped; 4 new Alt. Investments readings on Real Estate & Hedge Funds FI – “European whole loan sales market” reading is new Derivatives: “Credit derivatives” reading is new

Thanks for the helpful responses… appreciated.

is white,sondhi et al still the recommended ‘text book’ for FSA?-irrespective of the changed LOSs? thanks.

WSF, third edition,Yes, but only for readings 21 Intercorporate Investments, 26, Multinational Operations & 30 Synthesis. The other 7 readings are from other sources.

i think people really need to concentrate on whats going on in the world as well. sub-prime, mortgages, and that sort of thing within the realm of the syllabus.

schweser website has a pdf with all the changes in detail, its under kickoff seminar

the books are prettier…but DON"T LET THAT FOOL YOU…they’re just tricking you into opening the book

thx guys,appreciate yr time

:slight_smile: http://www.stalla.com/pdf/Level2_LOS_FinRT.pdf

Since ethics is the same does it make sense to skip now and move on to the other stuff? How about reviewing ethics right before hitting the sample exams? Is testing on it really that different?

its a real shame there is not a published list of LOS statements that have been added/deleted/modified from the previous year. that way, it would mitigate all the problems of returning candidates…

I have Schweser 2007 and CFA curriculum 2008 with me. I first compare the 2007 schweser LOS and study what is same in both years. I then read curriculum only for those LOS that have been modified or changed. Zoser55: Thanks for that ‘in a nutshell’ analysis

Agree with bhaiyyu… I will compile my notes from 2007 for those LOS’s which are the same, then read and prepare notes on any new LOS’s in the new curriculum. This will reduce the amount of study time required for reviewing material that I have studied already, yet still expose me to all material outlined in the LOS’s.

thanks. never thought of that.