2008 ER total comp

Hi Guys, I started in ER this year after my MBA and would like to collect the 2008 total comp numbers for ER so we can compare it to the 2009 numbers.For those of you who work in ER , I would really appreciate it if you can post the following information about yourself. I will start with my information. Pre/Post-MBA BB/Boutique NY/SF/Other 2008 Base 2008 Bonus 2009 Base Years in ER Thanks. My Info: Post-MBA Boutique NY - - 90K 5 months

Why isn’t anyone responding. People are too shy to share their 2008 bonuses or no one here works in ER ?

Not enough “zeros” on my keyboard. Have you checked glassdoor/indeed/vault? Chances are yes but just trying to help you make your data search easier.

res420 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > Post-MBA > Boutique > NY > - > - > 90K > 5 months must be a “chop shop” baby

I don’t know. Seems ok for a 1st year MBA grad, provided that the bonus is significant.

Well, let’s see where you all stand.

Where did you get your MBA from (just curious)

res420 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Well, let’s see where you all stand. Scrupulous bankers never talk about their compensation. It’s always better if people don’t know.

SanFranCFA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Where did you get your MBA from (just curious) not a top 20 school, i can guarantee u that.


res420 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > NYU then you must be 25-26

dude, the whole idea of this thread is to get an estimate of 2008 total comp in ER. We can start a seperate thread about be being undepaid / not paid etc… If you would like to share your info, please reply. No point hijacking the thread for a totally irrelevant discussion.

OP, Not many posters here work in ER so don’t expect much.

given the dearth of replies, that’s what it seems like.

You may get more responses if you post and ask their IT/backoffice/engineering salaries or undergrad gpa for people still looking for a job…not a lot of actual finance profs lately

Actually the reason why no one responds is because everyone talks a big game about knowing a Fidelity intern who makes this or a Kansas City back office janitor who makes that or a Dallas private equity analyst who has an 11" johnson, but in reality no one on this forum pulls down jack squat for compensation. I would estimate less than 5% of the active posters on this forum even cleared 6 figures this year, much less the numbers that everyone claims that people in this industry should be making.

$1 Bob.

This is also because a majority of people here, being CFA candidates, are in the early stages of their careers. I would not be taking this test if I was a 30-year-old.

nuppal Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > $1 Bob. It’s actually Drew now.

Bottom line, if you’re 3 years out of school, MBA or not, CFA or not, you are not making $100,000. I don’t care if you or your cousin’s best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s illegitimate uncle is a front office, 23 hour-a-day banker living in New York, Kansas City, Fidelity, or any other “high paying” city, you are not making $100,000. Period, end of story.