2008 exam - time constriant

I couldn’t finish this exam in 3 hours, did anyone manag to finish this exam on time or I am alone in this? Hope CFAI will not brings us a long exam like on Saturday?

I had 30 minutes left.

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Your women don’t have milk? Weird country.

I also had 30 minutes left, but I took it for real last year and remembered some of the questions.

i did it in 4 hours…

I finishedd in 2008 with no time left.

I should add that I have always been a fast test taker, so don’t judge by me. Finished each L2 session in under 90 minutes.

Me too, I considered leaving early last year but just read the vignettes for the 4th time instead. So I guess I’m faster than average. My gf often complains about it, I’m too early in a lot of things.

I just finished and graded mine. Was able to finish in the allotted time only because I threw my hands up on the reverse cash & carry and the f/x at the end. I’m hopeful that the real deal will be no worse than this. I can handle my score and blowing the return calc on the IPS so long as my item set scores hold up. So far, no issues with time on the PM.

mcpass Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > So I guess I’m faster than average. My gf often > complains about it, I’m too early in a lot of > things. Just make sure you read the questions before you answer it, be lookout for things like “except”, “not”. Make sure you don’t make any pre-mature answeration.

higgmond, Where did you get tripped up last year?

4 hrs

It tookk me 3 hrs tp make a balls of it in 2008

Had about 10-20 minutes left, but was psyched to get everything right except 1 letter on the IPS & Pension Question. It is the currency & shite that kills me.

i’m a fast test taker too… could have done morning level 2 in 90 minutes. afternoon probably 2 hours, 15 minutes… but doesn’t L3 have the risk of u just getting stuck/flustered or not really??? i guess part of the getting stuck in practice Q’s is you can’t match the answer, but on the written, they aren’t showing u any potential answer… multiple choice i almost never get stuck. often i don’t know, but i never get stuck where i’m flustered. on IPS, do you do the calculation first, or more go for low hanging fruit??

fruit first. In fact I do IPS in reverse. Legal, Tax, Unique, Time, Liquidity, then Return then Risk.

I find the IPS a lot easier now that I’ve done a few…just a quick read of the questions and then go through the vignette and write stuff in the margin: risk, return, concentrated holding, tax, liquidity, portfolio assets, inflation, etc. Double check that you are answering what they ask for ‘pre-tax’, etc.

thanks guys, much appreicated!!!

To add to my story, If you’ve done liquidity first, you already have most of the input for your return calculation. Doing return, liquidity and time horizon first gives input for your risk ability.