2008 L2 - CFAI Practice Exams

Has anyone taken any of the 2008 CFAI Practice Exams yet? If so, do you have any input as to how this year’s test stacks up against the Schweser Q-Bank questions? I have been cranking through Q-Bank ?'s for the past 2 weeks and they seem to be much, much easier than what I imagine the actual L2 exam will be like. I plan on taking one of the CFAI practice exams in a week or so, but I would appreciate any advanced warning as to how this year’s CFAI practice exams (and therefore the actual test) are looking so that I can plan accordingly.

Anyone tried taking screen dumps of the questions? Or do they have a disclaimer telling you that its against their user agreement.

I am planning to take the first test of cfa early end of April just in case there is alot of difference between schweser and cfa. However, given that cfa have 2006 questions at the end of the cfa texts i believe those should be a guideline… Any thoughts?