2008 L3 - Anybody order Schweser yet?

I finally got around to registering for L3. Since I have to do an expense report for the registration and curriculum, I figured it’d be easiest to order Schweser at the same time since I will use that as well. It doesn’t look like they have anything available yet, though. Has anyone ordered yet, or are you going to wait until they have everything done? I guess there is no sense in giving them a free loan for a few months while they get all the books printed…

Don’t forget that the 10% off for premium solution expires 10/31 and No, I don’t work for Schweser.

I’m going to wait to order. 10% is not significant and likely my employer will pick up the full tab anyway. For now I’ll just stick to reading some CFAI texts and maybe look at an old exam to get a feel for how the test is structured.

I am a re-taker, so Schweser, b/c I used them last year, is 50% off. I went ahead and order them so that I could fill out my expense report and get reimbursed ASAP

Plus if Peter Olinto does Stalla L3 videos, there may be a regret later on :slight_smile: http://www.petitiononline.com/StallaL3/petition.html

I went to a Schweser “info session” here in Atlanta last year (LII) and received a 20% coupon for premium & essential solutions (used the essential)…so I’m hoping they do that again.

When & where is this “info session?”

I believe “I’m hoping they do that again” would imply that I don’t know if they are going to do it again.

Looking at the Atlanta CFA society they offer courses for $750. For Level I, they are offering (what looks like) Schweser Premium solution for $259. If they have a similar deal for Level III, I might take that. I probably would never go to class, but getting the option to go to class (a $1,000 Schweser expense) and the Schweser Premium solution ($700+) for $1,000 seems to be a good deal (unless the reason they give you the Premium solution is because you just watch videos every single class…then it would be a bit of a rip off besides the networking opportunities).

I ordered the premium package yesterday with a 50% discount as a re-taker. They are shipping all the materials in stages starting in early October. The good thing is that they charge a one time shipping fee.