2008 L3 Schweser Users- Can you Please send me.....

Hey all, I used CFAI texts for this L3 and failed miserably. I will def use Schweser for 2009. through a contact I was able to score the 2008 Schweser Material ( i am still going to buy 2009 but since the material is similar i figured it wont hurt to have 2008 material for free) What I need from the 2008 schweser users is if you could please send me the most recent “errata/updates” from the 2008 Level 3 Notes and practice exams vol 1 and vol 2, and if there were any for quicksheet/secret sauce. It seems that these are no longer available on the schweser wesbite. Thank you in advance. goleafs1980@hotmail.com

Just not to be mistaken: I DONT need the 2008 material. I already received this from a coworker and some friendly people have emailed me to offer their material. Thank you for that. *All I need is the Errata for the 2008 Schweser material, if someone could please provide that to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Many Thanks goleafs1980@hotmail.com

Got them from google. These sites are blocked from my office. Are they helpful? http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/1588581/?show_files=1&page=1&ref=1218913168 http://www.epasskorea.com/cfa/pds/list.asp

Hey Sid, I appreciate the response, but I couldnt find them on those sites. Here is the Schweser link from where they were located http://www.schweser.com/news/news_updates.php?type=schweser , but it seems they took down the 2008 errata/updates after the exam. I’m sure someone has to have them out here somewhere. goleafs1980@hotmail.com

If you don’t get it from someone only one thing to do then-download from a torrent website. www.isohunt.com www.piratebay.org If you need it that bad, the dark road is out there.

Go Leafs…WTF!! Might wanna jump on my Flyer bandwaggon IH8FSA. I can’t remember if I printed that stuff off last year. I’ll take a look at home tonight. If I have it I’ll bring it to work tomorrow, scan it and send it to you.

thanks guys. Philly eh? On a business trip I couldnt get enough Geno’s steaks in South Philly.

Message from Schweser: Hello, Thank you for your email. Unfortunately they were all removed from the site on June 30, 2008. We have no Access to them anymore. They were deleted to make room for the upcoming CFA Level 3 with all new updates. Sorry. I’m waiting for a brave soul to still step forward !!!

I also found a copy of the Schweser materials and I remember how often something never made sense in 1 or 2 only to find out there was an errata. If you get any of them, I would appreciate if you forward it on to jmh530@nyu.edu.