2008 Level I - using Schweser 2007

Hi all, does enybody have any ideas as to the usefullness of 2007 Schweser books in preparation for 2008 test. The vendors say the usual (buy, buy, buy). But studying CFA website, for example I haven’t seen any major changes instituted, say in the Ethics that CFA professes. Same with quantitative sections; what new major changes can be reasonably expected in calculating standard deviations, probabilities, etc?? Best regards, Andrzej

I’m glad you asked. I’m wondering the same thing.

go to www.geocities.com/manavsachdeva and you will know how much has changed… make your decision based on that… i am still using schweser 2007 for microecons, FSA (last two study sessions), portfolio management and quant. rest all from CFAI.

I have studied Schweser 2007 notes completely before receiving 2008 curriculum, and I am now forced to read the CFA curriculum for the second time, word by word. I discovered a lot of change in 2008 at least in FSA. The most important difference being the emphasis put on IFRS. In 2007 Schweser, IFRS was just briefly mentioned but in 2008 curriculum all focus was on IFRS while US GAAP was at most given same treatment as IFRS. Another example is that 2008 FSA no longer requires to build an IS/BS with percentage of completion method, yet to balance that, they now require more knowledge on installement sales and cost recovery methods, which was not even mentioned in LOS for 2007. Though, after finishing the derivative and alternative investment part, I found 2008 curriculum not much different. Overall, my suggestion to you is to focus on 2008 CFA corriculum. You will regret if you only spend time on 2007 Schweser.