2008 material generally valid for 2009?

Guys, I got through L1 and was wondering if using 2008 Schweser books to get a start on the 2009 L2 exam makes sense? I got the books of EBay and was attempting to get a jump on the material. I know CFAI changes stuff year to year. They changed quite a bit of stuff for the June 2008 exam, but really, in all honesty, the material was covered in the 2007 Schweser material (I did the same thing). Just the emphasis seemed different. Feel free to chime in. Just trying to get my bearings set. Thanks!

Yep, using the 2008 books to get a head start is always beneficial while you wait for the 2009 books - the changes are not that big year on year, the core concepts are always the same - what you are doing now is exactly what I did last year, and when I finally got the new books I noticed that were very similar apart from a bit of a reshuffle and a few new things, and old things taken out.

Cool… am really weighing the need to buy new schweser material for 2009 really since I got videos with the 2008 material. Has anyone here tried just going with current year’s CFAI material with the prior year’s Schweser/Stella?

http://www.schweser.com/cfa/blog/index.php?item_id=343 Apparently the usual 30% change. I think you’d be pretty dumb to use old material given the costs of failure. A few hundred bucks isn’t significant in that context.

chris right about it. The amount of time you’ll spend in finding out about the change in LOS’ is pretty annoying. Besides, readings / details in the same LOS also change at times. Though, one can comparatively rely on Ethics & Derivatives. So, if you really wanna get into it, these two are recommended.

It makes no sense to start studying now for CFA II. The test isnt until June 2009. Wait until January (at the earliest). That gives you plenty of time.

if have to re-register CFA II for 2009, will CFAI still send out text book when I register? Thanks. I plan to use my 2008 schweser and 2009 CFAI text book if I register for CFAII again. if CFAI dosen’t sent out 2009 CFA II text book, how you think my chance of pass by using 2008 schweser study notes and CFAI text book? Thanks.