2008 Material - okay to use?

2008 Schweser QBank I got from a friend… does anyone know if the material has significantly changed since then or not? Thank you!!

Aren’t you not supposed to be able to use it. Its supposed to expire.

I have been using scwheser notes and secret sauce. There are definitely some noticeable differences but I think in terms of the main concepts it is fine. I would definitely use the 2010 version for ethics.

@ SeeEfAye: It’s installed on the friend’s comp and it still works… :S @ gooner7: Ah, I see. Thanks a lot!

I recommend always compare to the original LOS of CFAI. Go through all LOS of the readings in order to see whether or not you grasped all the relevant details. Daniel www.financial-exam.com

I wonder if there’s a site existent somewhere in the cyber universe where all the current LOSs in the CFAI texts are matched with Schweser 2008 notes… that’d be amazing

I think i read somewhere that each year the los material changes by 10-15%. So probably not a deal breaker, but not insignificant.

I used the '08 notes for the '09 exam. I did fine. I noticed that all of the info regarding cantango/backwardation wasn’t in the text. Luckily I already knew what it was. If you’re going to spend $1,200 on the exam you might as well make a worthwhile investment into the current year notes.