2008 Schweser Materials for 2009 Test?? Please help

Hi everyone, I am studying for June level 1 and and I just found out that a friend of mine has the 2008 Schweser videos, note cards, and audio CD’s… My plan was to buy the 2009 Schweser notes and use the 2008 videos and note cards as a supplement. Do you think that is ok, or am I shooting myself in the foot by looking at “old” study materials?.. and another question I have is, will the 2009 test be drastically different from the 2008 test?

My recommendation (since this is what I am doing) is to NOT buy the Schweser 2009 study notes. Since you have signed up for June you will be receiving the text from CFAI. As you go through each Reading compare the LOS on the CFAI text and then on the Schweser notes you already have from last year. You will find that there were really no MAJOR changes. Study from Schweser (or the text depending on how much in depth you want to study a certain topic or if you just need to review it with Scheweser because of academic background or whatever) and use the CFAI text (your going to get those books anyway) for anything that is different. That will save you money. If anything, just get Schweser’s Q bank (again unless you already have it). Really, the LOS did not change a lot from last year, or at least not enough to merit spending that much $$$ on a whole new set of Notes. My $0.02.

just remember whatever you do, that the exam now only has three answer choices fro m 2009 onwards. so make adjustments for that.

Thanks for the advice! I think I am all set now.

You can buy the Qbank so you can atleast get used to the new changes (three answer choices as opposed to four) made for 2009. This is what I did…, I bought Schweser’s Qbank.

Yes that is exactly what I did too, in order to get used to the new 3-answer format. You can’t use last year’s Q bank anyway since it expires tomorrow.