2008 Schweser Package What I need for Dec 2008 exam?

I got my hands on a version of the 2008 Schweser package, but have been unable to confirm if there is a 2009 version to be used for the Dec 08 exam. Can anybody lend a hand?

2009 version would be used for the 2009 exam. Material changes annually for the exam, so people do not get too comfortable. You are perfectly fine to go with the 2008 material. CP

So the material will change starting in June of 2009, or it has changed but I can still use the 2008 material without too much worry? Thanks!

It changes for June 09, the Dec 08 uses the same material of the June 08.

Excellent, I thought the schweser versions may change at a different time than the calendar year. I’m quite happy about saving that $500, but now its time to get to work…! Are there any other schweser products I should consider buying now that I have the 2008 books?

I really like the videos myself…covers a lot of material fast…

Balls of steel !!