2008 Stalla....trimmed down?

Does anyone find Stalla to be a bit trim? My study guide set came with only four books plus one exam book. On the basis that Level II is more difficult and at a higher level than Level I, I’m surprised to see the set as thin as it is.

I wouldn’t say it’s trimmed down…there were four books plus the practice exam book in 2007 as well. I do think they tend to gloss over some of the details, though.

The content is definitely not as complete at L1. There have been a number of PassMaster questions for which the answers were not in their L2 material. For example, the L2 material only provided a shortened/abbreviated formula for calculating GDP using the income approach. I had to go back to my L1 material to get the exact 7 components (yes, I did forget since L1). Another example is the calcuation of the real spot rate when given the nominal spot rate and actual inflation data for two nations. I’m pretty disappointed w/ Stalla at this point … and that’s coming from a loyal Stalla/Becker user.