2008.....worked for 4 companies within 6 months....this sucks

Bear Stearns > JP Morgan > Lehman Brothers > Barclays I am leaving the industry soon. Time for b school or start up

It’ll be an asset if you go into consultancy, albeit the timing for consultancy might not be the best right now… a consultant would have that kind of track record and regard it as a valuable asset (though it wouldn’t necessarily show on the CV).

funny you mentioned that. I got a call yesterday from a firm. I told him to call me next week. Just sucks man. You go to school…work your tail off and land that job…then work your tail off some more… then boom… I have been in one of the hottest areas of most bb’s but still effects us if firm goes down. I am applying to b school… my dad they may let me teach a course on resume writing and interviewing I hope he was joking

Dude, there’s a chance (not a definite, but a chance) I’ll be getting laid off on Monday or Tuesday, which will make two layoffs in 4 months. I feel your pain. Sometimes (well, more often than we realize) life is just out of our control. If I do get laid off, I’m exiting the real estate industry for a while. Goldenboy, our moto should be something along the lines of this: “Be a cockroach–see ya next month.”

Barclays is fine, so why are you whining? Or is it because Barclays also laid you off?

my group is not under barclays deal

Dude, you must be really golden. I remember that you posted a while back that you turned down GS or MS at some point. What is it about you that you think makes you so in demand? I think I’ve had 4 job offers all in all in my entire career. That would make me the “shi*yboy” :slight_smile:

nothing at all. I work in physical energy and frankly it is tough to find people with that exp right now. Nothing special about me just that not a lot of people have the physcial exp unless you were at Enron, Shell, Chervon, BP 5-10 years ago.

oic, so you won’t get a chance to work for Barclays and soon to be jobless?