2009 books

anyone get there level 2 09 books yet? can someone post a picture of them?

The front cover has pictures of all candidates in top 1%, and the back cover has pictures of all candidates in the failure band for June 2008 exam

What does it matter what they look like? Instead of green, like Level 1, they are reddish/maroon…

and then beautiful beautiful BLUE! thats when you have arrived.

(crackle) … Code Blue!

on the inside of the front cover are the 20 wrong ways to display your candidacy in the CFA program on your resume.


dude, this aint the ipod and this is not engadget. the books are red. every year the colors are green red and blue in that order. schwser does the same. i hope i see blu books by 2010

daj224, No need to wait till 2010, you will see blue books in ~54 weeks. :slight_smile:

thanks dude!!! i hope. i eagerly await my level II books. CAIA studying is going well, love the stuff on hedge funds. you def learn sh%% that is not on CFA level I. good night - it is 2 am on east coast

right… level 1 is green, level 2 is red… hoenstly i hate red actually, i hate red since i started investing in stocks