Could you tell me if there are some new areas in 2011 vs. 2010 (I’ve got books from 2010 and I’m wonder if I have look to the newest books)

I know that at least in accounting they added LIFO/FIFO, capital/operating lease and goodwill impairment from L1 to L2. So if you passed L1 last summer then you may remember it, otherwise you might want to go back to those sections in your L1 books.

i think they added some dividend policy stuff to corp finance

Is private company valuation new? I can’t remember from last year.

here you go homes: http://www.schweser.com/downloads/general/cfa_whatsnewbrochure.pdf for more specific (per LOS): http://tailieuso.com/news/22/CFA-Level-2-Curriculum-Changes-(2010%2d2011)-lastest-update.html