2010 CFAI Materials Vs 2011

Hey All, I started studying for the 2011 June CFA Level I exam in January before I officially registered and received the 2011 curriculum. I had been using the 2010 textbooks to get a jump start and finished Ethic and Quant, Econ, FRA, and CF and Port Mgmt. In your opinion, how much does the curriculum change each year. I know that I have both and can do a detailed diff…but before putting in that effort, I was wondering if anyone else has been in this situation and what did you learn? Thanks

Maybe only 10-15% changes each year? Maybe you would like to do a search function on this? I remembered someone posted a link to compare the differences between 2010 and 2011.


Hi, This PDF lists the changes in the course curriculum: http://www.finance-grid.com/wp-content/uploads/For-Blog-CFA-Level-1-LOS-Changes-between-2011-and-2010.pdf

Is this true??? I have 2010 Schweser…should i switch to CFAI??

ive been using 2010 schweser. looking at the pdf equity, portfolio management and section 12 of quant are completely different so id reccomending reading those from CFAI text. wont be fun… thats roughly 300 pages in equity, 170 pages in port management with 115 questions (doesnt make sense bc its topic weight is 3%) and section 12 quant is 60 pages for a total of 530 pages. only things with ‘Finance Grid’ language of rough vs limited correspondance, reorganized readings and what they consider to be a ‘New Reading’. Seems very subjective.

Anyone is having sample paper for CFA 2011?

They made a lot of changes this year. Make sure you check out the LOS changes before you really get going. I made that mistake and wasted a day or two of studying.