2010 CFAI Mock Exam

I took the exams today - I scored in the low 90’s in the morning session and low 80’s in the afternoon one on the first attempt and closed book. Is this a good indicator for the actual exam?

If you’re talking in terms of percentages, thats brilliant!!! It’s pretty good if these are your raw scores.

If its your percentage score, CONGRATULATIONS I plan to take it this weekend.

njlevel10610, Good Job! Care to share your preparation strategy with the board?

Reading mostly Schweser Notes and CFAI when needed. 1) Reading Notes 2) CFAI Readings - if needed and SS Reading Questions - (some of them are on point) 3) CFAI EOC Questions - Except the really long ones 4) Scwheser Concepts Checker and Questions 5) MOST IMPORTANT - Re-Read - twice or 3x if you have too! Do all questions over again 6) Take Mock Only questions I used so far from Qbank is Ethics. I prob would of done more but I spent more time reading. So, if you’re unsure about any topics - forget Qbank and READ. Good Luck

Thanks for the feedback! I can’t wait to get this over with. I’ve been suffering from lack of sleep…lol