2010 curriculum: Changes from 2009 curriculum

Does anybody know if any material has been added or removed from the 2009 level III curriculum? thanks

Yes a lot of people know… it was a thread last week… and the week before… and the week before… search function in the browser works wonders.

Illiterate people can’t search or google like Katana - Tom.

on this i noticed that in all the samples n mock there was no mention of taxes…jus an observation …also wasnt on the 2009 level 2 exam from where it was moved to this level

yeah i havent seen a lot of tax either… They will think of something for the exam this time, i am sure of it. Not saying you are going to, but I would not overlook this reading.

Katana, The biggest difference is the addition of reading 15 & 16 in SS4. The other new reading is pretty similar to what was on last years. Readings are not numbered the same as last year in all cases. Net loss of 1 reading compared to 09.

Thank you sponge bob. What is the other new reading that you are referring to that is pretty similar to what was on last years?

I think it is 19, but that is off the top of my head.