2010 essay q 1

where did the 225 in part B come from ?

Also why did they use 25 years, she is 26 years away from retirement, she should have 26 paychecks and be able to put aside 12*26

How do they grade these things? if I used 26 instead of 25 I get a 1% return diff or so, would I lose the points?

225 is present in the paragraph just above. They tell you that the TDA is now 225 K.

they tell you this is 1 year later.

given you missed that - maybe you would lose some points, since you knew the general framework you would get partial credit.

lol, darn you CP get of the steriods, I was getting on here to type “never mind”

But yeh on exam I should have paid attention, many thanks,

I am trying to find an official document regarding how the exams are graded, regarding partial credit etc, does such a document exist ?


have fun

  1. in finding the document if it exists
  2. Stuff in a whole lot of other stuff into your brain (removing existing material from there, relevant to the exam).
  3. Using that information to determine how you could possibly game the exam (and remember it in time, during the exam to use it meaningfully).

lol CP why the pesimistic answer

it is not trying to game the exam, but call it better time management, say I spend so much time on a question but I know I am missing one idea that will keep me from reaching the final answer in calculations, is it worth it to spend 20mins on it or am i better off not answering it and leaving it blank…

call it what you will.

trying to determine what to write itself is big enough first of all.

after that - most often you must realize that if something is missed it is missed. You do not know until someone tells you after the fact (on a forum such as this when someone will suddenly say “how was xyz information used” … so it is too late to do anything about it.

most often time is so short that if you try to spend 20 mins (if you have 20 mins to fix something - which means you have spent the original 15 or so mins + 20 mins to find an error and fix it) you are not finishing the paper per se. So you have put yourself at a serious disadvantage.


I don’t think you’ll find it.