2010 Mock Exam Score

I just took the 2010 Mock Exam (disclosure: without timing it) and got a 67%. Does anyone on here think that is a passing score on the real exam? I doubt they would give one whole item set dedicated to adjusting portfolio’s betas/durations too. Thoughts?

Yes 67% would be a passing score but make sure you score the same in the morning exam too.

hey guys, for those of who have already taken the CFAI Mock 2010, how did you find it?

Are safe passing scores 70% ? Are possible passing scores 65 ? Are scores below 65% generally a “fail”?

bidder Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Are safe passing scores 70% ? > Are possible passing scores 65 ? > > Are scores below 65% generally a “fail”? CFAI defines 67% as a fail!

I realize CFAI has a harsh standard for passing and failing, but realistically they curve downward for the MPS. I guess the original question is kind of hypothetical, but just wanted to get others thoughts.

My thought is shoot for 70 and then you don’t have to worry about it. Is it likely to be curved? Probably. Should we count on it? Not unless we don’t mind being here again next year.

It can go many ways. 2009 actual PM exam was much easiler than the free sample exam, but actual AM was tough. This yr. PM may not be as easy as last yr.'s. Who knows?? I guess just try to do the best…

^^^What I try to say is that I don’t think the mock exam score is a good prediction of pass/fail for the upcoming exam in level III.

took 2009 mock with proper timing got 71% . It had more derivative and FI coverage.

From observation, I strongly suggest that you do not take comfort in getting something below 70%. I recall last year getting 77% on the mock exam and feeling that it wasn’t enough to get comfortable. On the real exam, I estimate that my am score was 72-73% and afternoon score was about 77% or better and I did pass. In terms of other AF folk from last year, the scores of those in the mock that passed the real exam were generally better than 70% and in some cases much higher. On the good news front, if you are getting close to 70% on the mock exams this far out, then you are probably in very good shape. By in large, I view the scores on the mock exams and sample exams to be exceptionally accurate predictors which is why they are so beneficial. No need to post a story about how you got an 80% on the mock and failed the real deal or a 60% on the mock and passed…someone might be the exception, but again, from observation about last year’s CFA class, the scores on the mocks and samples for those that got higher than 70% were strongly correlated to passing the exam. Target that and don’t place any value in what you think the MPS might be. You just need to get above 70%.

thanks Fasted for nice feedback

Okay, so target 70% and we’re safe? If you target 80%, then you’re a sure pass?!

There is no surity but higher scores shows that you are well prepared

Let me be as clear as crystal - you need to get above 70% on the real exam to win IMO. If your CFAI Sample and Mock scores are higher than that, I’d say you have a good shot at passing assuming you took the sample and mock under normal time contraints and did not open your books at all to “cheat.” Also, I cannot speak to exam day stress which can always be a downfall, but from a purely quantitative way of thinking, getting above 70% is what you want. All the best.

I think everyone is getting too specific. Did anyone really think the CFAI Level 2 Mock exam last year was the best example of difficulty? I have never scored that high on any given practice/sample to this day. The real exam definitely seemed harder and I think it is safe to say that was the concensus feeling of the AF board. Schweser practice exams were likely a better predictor of a pass in this instance. What does that mean for the Level 3 Mock exam this year, absolutely nothing. It could be hard, easy, or perfect. The samples this year seemed brutally hard. I have done very well on every mock/practice/sample to this point, and those two samples were 10% lower then anything I had ever gotten before. I think you are better off just planning to beat say 60% of the people who take the exam with you. The scoring methodolgy will fix the rest.

I think everyone is getting too specific. Use the CFAI supplied material as an example of how the questions may look/worded, and not a clear look at difficulty. The Level 2 Mock Exam last year was a very poor estimate of difficulty. It was extremely easy and probably created some overconfidence! You are probably better off simply comparing your score to other people who post their results, and if you are doing better then most of them you are in a good boat. The actual score is likely a bad predictor of anything.